• Countable noun:
  • Can be counted and have singular and

    plural forms. We can use a/an one in singular

    and some, any, (a) few, etc in the plural

  • The following nouns are always in pural.
  • people, clothes, goods, police.

    "His clothes are always cleen".

  • Nouns that cossist of parts: glasses, trousers,
  • jeans, sunglasses, scissors, etc.

    "Angie wears glasses"

  • Words such as family, team, goup,
  • audience, class, government, crew

    are collective nouns and may take either a

    singular o plural verb.

    "Tina's family is rich."

  • Uncountable noun:
  • Are used only with a singular form verb

    and we can't use a/an or numbers

    and some, any, (a) few, etc in the plural

    with them. To express quantity we use

    some, any, much, little, a lot of.

  • With uncontable nouns which state food or liquid
  • we can use the following expressions to show quantity:

    bottle, cup, glass, can, slice, pice, carton, bag, etc +of

    "Four cartons of milk"